and Collaboration

A map of university courses participating in the Superstudio. Maps of groups will be available in the future.


  • Over 150 studios are registered

  • Over 60 universities are participating, representing well over 1,000 students and over 150 faculty

  • Over 250 landscape architects and design professionals plan to work in groups, in partnership with studios, or as individuals

  • Many more are expected to register and partner with university courses in the upcoming months

Superstudio participants are encouraged to partner and collaborate in many ways: with each other, local partners, other universities, other disciplines, policy makers, and more. If you are collaborating in creative ways, let us know!

Superstudio participants will connect with one another through events hosted by the organizers, informal channels like Slack, and their shared experience of conducting studios (see News and Events).

Join the list of participating universities, groups, and individuals below by registering for the Superstudio - there is no deadline for registration. Final materials must submitted by June 30, 2021.

Participating Universities

Below are the universities where Superstudio courses are taking place. This list is updated frequently.

Academy of Art University

Alabama A & M University

American University of Beirut

Arizona State University (3 courses)

Auburn University

Autonomous University of Barcelona and City University of New York

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Israel

Birmingham City University, UK

Boston Architectural College (5 courses)

Cal Poly Pomona (3 courses)

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (3 courses)

California College of the Arts (2 courses)

Carnegie Mellon University

City College of New York


Colorado State University

Columbia University (3 courses)

Cornell University

Dr.M.G.R Educational and Research Institute, Chennai, India

Fordham University

Florida International University (5 courses)

Georgetown University

Georgia Tech

Harvard Graduate School of Design (5 courses)

Iowa State University

Kansas State University

Kingston School of Art, UK

Louisiana State University

Louisiana Tech University

Michigan State University

NC A&T State University

North Dakota State University

Orange Coast College

Pratt Institute

Rhode Island School of Design (2 courses)

Rice University

Rutgers University (2 courses)

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (3 courses)

Texas A&M University

Texas Tech

The Ohio State University (entire department)

The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Nigeria

The University of Texas at Arlington (3 courses)

The University of Texas at Austin (2 courses)

University of Arizona

University of Arkansas (2 courses)

University of California, Berkeley (2 courses)

University of California, San Diego

University of Cincinnati (2 courses)

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Colorado Denver

University of Delaware

University of Hawaii at Manoa (2 courses)

University of Idaho

University of Kentucky (4 courses)

University of Maryland (2 courses)

University of Michigan (2 courses)

University of Minnesota

University of Mumbai

University of Nebraska Lincoln (3 courses)

University of Oklahoma

University of Oregon (2 courses)

University of Pennsylvania (multiple courses)

University of Southern California (2 courses)

University of Toronto (3 courses)

University of Washington (2 courses)

Washington State University (2 courses)

Washington University in St. Louis (4 courses)

Wentworth Institute of Technology

West Chester University of Pennsylvania

West Virginia University

Yale University

Participating Groups

Groups made up of professionals from these firms and organizations will participate in the Superstudio.

Participating Individuals

Many of the practitioners, students, and faculty listed below are actively seeking or open to collaboration with other groups.

Rachelle Ain, Royer Architects

Christina Bejarano, WRT

Jean Senechal Biggs, City of Beaverton Oregon

Clare Billett, William Penn Foundation

Joseph Bondi

Joshua Budiongan, Detroit Collaborative Design Center

Lisa Cato, Lisa Cato Land Architect

Jim Chaddick, James Chaddick & Associates

Duncan Chambers, UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Heide Clelland-Sauer, Breathing Landscape | Breathing Dialogues

Robert Colón

Alden Copley, Spitzer School of Architecture

Michelle Lee Delgado, Temple

Simone Drucker, UCLA Extension

Jhoanna J Farray, Florida International University

Bria Fast, University of Minnesota

Caroline Fitzpatrick, University of Oregon

Haley Fitzpatrick, Renzo Piano Building Workshop/Monviso Institute

Tessa Flanagan, Princeton University

Lorena Garcia, Puente Alameda Landscape Architecture Research

Lucy Gachogu, Women in Real Estate

Hannah Cecilia Gomez

Emma Goode, nv5

June Grant, blink!LAB architecture

Jessie He Hong, RELM

Irina Hotkevica, Self employed

Cynthia Hron, The Pennsylvania State University

Nancy A. Jones, MLA Candidate, Ball State University

Alexander Klosterkemper, ppaXk LLC

Oliva Kusio, Princeton University

Valerie Lechene, Design Justice Network

Rafi Lehmann, Freelance

Emma Lesser, UC Berkeley

Karen Lomas, Atlas

Adrian Marti, Self employed

Cali Martinez, College of the Atlantic

Jamile Mesquita, Achave

Ned Moore, McHale Landscape Design

Aishwarya Mukund, Pratt Institute

Elisa Ngan, Harvard

Laura Nova, Bloomfield College

Frank Pendrell, CoCal Landscapes

Oliver Penny, Self employed

Jonathan Pierre, Regional Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development of the Outaouais

Nishchal Pujari, student

Natradee Quek, Restoration Design Group

Parisutha Rajan, ECOTONE

Kumareswari Rajendran, Dcube Architects

Eduardo Remes, CUNY

Barbara Z. Restaino, Restaino Design Landscape Architecture

Vaughn Rinner, VRLA

Lindsay Rule, PORT

Nina Safavi, UVM Spatial Analysis Lab

Darren Sandeno, Parametrix

Andrew Sargeant, LayerCake

Katharine Schassler, Princeton University

Raphaele Shirley, La Paix Management LLC

Skyler Smith, Design Workshop/Sunrise Movement

Emily Soderberg, University of Michigan

Miriam Solis, University of Texas - Austin

Karl-Jon Sparrman, University of Virginia

Efthymia Stamatopoulou, Urban Scape Studio

John Steigerwald, Environmental Design Workshop

Brett Stolpestad, University of Minnesota

Stella Tarnay, Capital Nature - Biophilic Practice Group

Jake Tiernan, Penn State

Tatiana Medeiros Veloso, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro

Aanchal Vidyasagar, WorldWide Social

Veronica Westendorf, WestenDesign Landscape Architecture

Taryn Wiens, University of Virginia

Michelle Delgado-Wallace, Temple University

Sadie Walters, Site Collaborative

Marcus Wilford

Will Wright, AIA Los Angeles

Jennifer Zell, MIG