Studio Work and Syllabi

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Participating instructors are invited to submit their syllabi for others to reference in creating their own courses. This area of the site will be updated with more course materials throughout the Superstudio.

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Submission guidelines

A template for studio submissions will be provided in mid-October.

Submissions are the outcomes or final materials from studios, submitted by the registrant. These submissions must adhere to the standards below and be submitted by the registrant by June 30, 2021. The deadline applies to all studios regardless of when work is completed, although registrants are encouraged to submit work as soon as it is complete.

  • Each student or studio participant will be allowed a maximum of 3 boards to display their work if working individually. For example, if a studio has 10 students who work individually, the registrant may submit up to 30 boards total for the studio.

  • If students or participants work in groups or pairs, the maximum of 3 boards applies to each group. For example, if a studio has 15 students who work in teams of 3, then the registrant may submit up to 15 boards total for the studio.

  • Each set of 3 boards must be accompanied by one, 250-word maximum statement describing the work and its relationship to the Green New Deal. This explanatory text is not to be included on the design boards.

  • Board dimensions must be 24” x 36” and formatted in portrait orientation. A downloadable template to be used by all participants will be provided in mid-October and shared with all registrants.

  • Images and diagrams on the boards may be captioned, but overall text on the boards should be kept to an absolute minimum. All explanatory text must be submitted separately through the 250-word statement described above.

  • Models are encouraged, but only photographs of models integrated into the boards will be accepted. Models should, however, be stored if possible for future use in possible exhibitions through December 2021. The Green New Deal Superstudio 8

  • The boards will be submitted as .jpeg, .jpg, .tif, or .tiff image files. Submitted boards must be under 10MB each in size with a minimum resolution of 300 ppi. Additional submission guidance will be provided at a later date.

  • One video with a maximum length of 3 minutes may also be submitted to accompany each set of 3 boards. Video topic, for instance explaining the 3 boards or illustrating another aspect of the studio, is at the discretion of the participants. Videos should be uploaded to a video hosting platform by the registrant and submitted as a link.