Submission Form

The submission deadline has passed.

Please read carefully before beginning your submission in the form below.

1) Ensure the correct person is submitting the materials. This should be the individual who registered the studio.

  • Instructors should fill out the submission form in the case of university studios. Students may prepare their files and submit them, but only at the discretion of their instructor.

  • For groups, the group's designated contact/registrant must submit.

  • Individuals submitting NOT as part of a university course or group may submit their own materials.

2) We recommend preparing all files for upload before beginning the submission form.

  • Please review important file preparation requirements here (instructors) or here (groups/individual submitters).

  • The submission form (preview here) includes:

    • Studio information form

    • Use authorization form for submitted materials

    • Reminder to upload files to Google Drive folder (see below)

    • Link to provide the optional $50 registration fee

3) Each registrant/studio has a designated Google Drive folder to complete file submissions, which should be done in conjunction with the submission form.

  • Registrants who provided a Google-enabled email will receive an invitation to LAF's Google Drive to upload their materials. Contact if you are an instructor or group/individual registrant who has not yet received access.

  • We encourage registrants to complete the submission form and upload materials at the same time, although if needed registrants may return to the Drive folder to upload files after submitting their submission form.

Submission Form