Superstudio Showcase

The Superstudio Showcase on October 28, 2021 was a virtual event to celebrate and reflect on a year of exploration, innovation, and collaboration by the 3,000 participating designers and students.

In the recording of the event below, four of those tasked with reviewing and curating the submissions critically reflect on the body of work, highlight key themes, and show representative examples from the submitted projects. How did the submissions address issues facing their regions? What were the key strategies and ideas? What does this work say about the ability and readiness of the built environment design disciplines to make large-scale change?


  • Barbara Deutsch, FASLA, CEO, Landscape Architecture Foundation

  • Kate Orff, FASLA, Founding Principal, SCAPE and Professor & Director, Urban Design Program, Columbia University


  • Kofi Boone, FASLA, University Faculty Scholar and Professor, North Carolina State University

  • Roberto Rovira, Professor & Chair, Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design, Florida International University

  • Michael Johnson, Principal and Co-Director of Urban Design, SmithGroup

  • Kristina Hill, PhD, Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley