Curated Projects

These 55 thought-provoking projects are place-specific plans and ideas that spatially manifest the principles of the Green New Deal.

The projects were selected to catalyze conversation and illustrate the wide variety of issues, innovation, scales, and geographic regions represented in the 670 Superstudio submissions.

You can explore the set of curated projects using the broad themes below.


Projects that rethink and creatively deploy the instruments of climate adaptation around the United States.


Projects illustrating ways that designers are thinking through alternatives to the hyper-consolidation and exploitation of America’s food system.


Projects illustrating how designers have attempted to align their work with the movements for climate, housing, economic, and racial justice.


Projects that think differently about the deployment of renewable energy generation, transmission, and storage across the American landscape.


Projects that attempt to meet a central mandate of H.R.109: to clean up every hazardous material and brownfield site in the U.S. by 2100.


Projects that consider the systems of care and maintenance required to maximize water and energy efficiency for every existing building and landscape.

Map of the Curated Projects