Faculty Resources

The organizing partners provided a briefing document, shared syllabi from past studios, and organized webinars to share pedagogical approaches and experiences.

These resources are compiled here for others interested in running a Green New Deal-focused studio, course, or other initiative that explores the intersection of policy and design.

Image: Katherine Pitstick

Briefing document

In order to provide some continuity among the groups participating in the Green New Deal Superstudio, a briefing document was provided to assist in pedagogy for university courses and structure for other participants.

This document was intended to inform rather than restrict or homogenize, so participants were strongly encouraged to shape their studios in response to local and regional conditions and what was most appropriate for their program.

Syllabi from past studios

Instructors who participated in the Green New Deal Superstudio during the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters were invited to submit their syllabi.

They are organized by university and course number/name as PDFs in Google Drive.

Kickoff Webinars

The organizing partners held kickoff webinars for the fall and spring semesters featuring faculty who have taught studios related to the Green New Deal sharing their approaches and lessons learned.

Fall Kickoff Webinar on 8/20/20 featuring:

  • Kristina Hill, PhD, University of California, Berkeley

  • Linda Chamorro, Florida International University

  • Billy Fleming, University of Pennsylvania

Spring Kickoff Webinar on 2/3/21 featuring:

  • Denise Hoffman Brandt, City College of New York

  • Danielle Zoe Rivera, University of Colorado Boulder

  • Adam Scott, SWA and Maddie Clark, Design Workshop

  • Linda C. Samuels, Washington University in St. Louis